Thursday, July 8, 2010

I had no idea that the tops of white onions produced little clusters of flowers.  I thought it was so unique and delicate it would make for a good picture.  Its good to have help in the garden~check out what hubby did... ;o)

He was getting so frustrated trying to pull weeds by hand, so I suggested he do a little watering to make it easier..what I didn't expect was what he did next~ way to go there honey!  
 He did an excellent job!   

Also, we have found an excellent plant to keep the critters at bay in the garden.  The Catnip plant is great to keep Japanese Beetles from tearing down your crops.   I decided it would be wise to buy a plant like this to have in our garden..I got the idea from P. Allen Smith gardening site. 

Psalm 37:4

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Prairiemaid said...

Looks like Mark has been working very diligently! or....he's been playing in the mud.

Your garden looks great!


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